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NEET 2019 Details Syllabus and Books – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) will be conducted on 5th May 2019 by the National Testing Agency. Till 2018, the medical entrance exam was conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Apart from the exam authority, no major changes have been made in the exam pattern or syllabus of the exam.

Recently, the upper age limit for the exam has been removed by the Supreme Court. So, the candidates above 25 years of age can also apply for the exam. The registration link will remain active till 7th December 2018.

The examination is conducted for admission to MBBS and BDS courses offered by reputed medical and dental institutions. The article here will guide you on the detailed syllabus for NEET and books for preparing Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects. First, let’s have a look on important dates:

NEET 2019 Important Dates

Online application process 1st November to 7th December 2018
Admit Card Availability From 15th April 2019
NEET 2018 Examination Date 5th May 2019
NEET Result Declaration 5th June 2019

NEET Exam 2019 Syllabus

The NEET 2019 examination will cover questions from the subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Zoology and Botany) syllabus of the class 11th and 12th. The Medical Council of India prescribes the syllabus for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test after reviewing the syllabus of central and state level board examinations. Refer to the following section for topics included in the NEET 2019 syllabus:

Check HereNEET 2019 Registration Form

NEET Exam 2019 Physics Syllabus

Topics of Class XI Physical world and measurement, Notion of potential energy, Nature of Physics law, Kinematics, Speed, Velocity, work, energy, Laws of Motion, Static and Kinetic friction, Motion of systems of particles of and rigid body, Oscillations and waves, Work and internal energy, Critical velocity, heat, Bulk Modulus, Properties of bulk matter, Behavior of perfect gas and Kinetic theory, Thermodynamics, The universal law of Gravitation, Kepler’s law of planetary motion, Gravitation.
Topics of class XII Electrostatics, Electronic devices, Conductors, atoms and nuclei, wave optics, optical instruments, optics, dual nature of matter and radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic waves, current electricity, permanent magnets, concepts of magnetic fields, Ac generator and transformer, Electromagnetic induction and alternating current, Kirchhoff’s Laws and simple application, carbon resistors, magnetic effects of current and  magnetism, electric dipole, electric charges and their conservation and electrostatics.

NEET Exam 2019 Chemistry Syllabus

Topics of class XI Environmental chemistry, Hydrocarbons, some block-p elements, Organic chemistry principles and techniques, s-block element, physical and chemical properties of water, equilibrium in physical and chemical process, electronagitivity, classification of elements and periodicity in properties, thermodynamics, states of matter – gases and liquids, covalent bond, Ionic bond, Chemical bonding and Molecular structure, Isotopes and isobars, atomic number, structure of atom, laws of chemical combination, some basic concepts of chemistry.
Topics of class XII Solid State, Band Theory of Metals, Solutions, Elevation of Boiling Point, Electro Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements, Electrochemistry, p-Block Elements, d and f Block Elements, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Alcohols, Physical & Chemical Properties of Primary Alcohol, Phenols and Ethers, Coordination Compounds, Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids, Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen, Amines, Cynaides & Isocynaides, Polymers, Biomolecules, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Cleansing Agents – Soaps & Detergents.

NEET Exam 2019 Biology Syllabus

Topics of Class XI Diversity in Living World, Three Domains of Life, Cell Structure and Function, Cell Theory, Plant Cell & Animal Cell, Structural Organization in Animals and Plants, Tissues, Morphology & Modifications, Plant Physiology, Transport in Plants, Photosynthesis, Human physiology.
Topics of class XII Reproduction, Reproduction in Organisms, Biology and Human Welfare, Genetics and Evolution, Heredity & Variations, Biology and Human Welfare, Biotechnology and Its Applications, Principle & Process of Biotechnology, Ecology and Environment, Organism & Environment, Biodiversity and its Conversation.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 2019 Exam Pattern

Understanding the NEET exam pattern will help in getting familiar with the examination. Here is the pattern:

Particular Details
Name of the Examination National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2019
Examination Mode Pen-and-Paper Based Mode (Offline)
Courses to pursue MBBS and BDS
Number of Questions 180
Type of Questions Objective Type Questions
The exam duration 3 hours or 180 minutes
Marking Scheme +4 for every correct selection
Negative Marking -1 for every wrong or multiple selections

Best Books for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 2019

To get that extra edge in the exams, it is must to have hands on the most resourceful study material. Without good books, there is no base for preparation. The markets are flooded with numerous options and thus, it may seem hard to opt for the right one. So, here we have compiled some of the best books available for NEET exam preparation. Check out the subject-wise list for books:

NEET Exam 2019 – Best Books for Biology

NCERT Biology Book for Class XI
NCERT Biology Book for Class XII
Biology NEET for everyone: Part 1 by A.Tripathi, M.R. Verma and A.Dixit
Biology NEET for everyone: Part 2 by A.Tripathi, M.R. Verma and A.Dixit
Complete NEET Guide Biology by MGT Editorial Board

NEET Exam 2019 – Best Books for Chemistry

NCERT Chemistry Textbook Part 1 for Class XI
NCERT Chemistry Textbook Part 2 for Class XI
NCERT Chemistry Textbook Part 1 for Class XII
NCERT Chemistry Textbook Part 2 for Class XII
Chemistry for NEET 2018 Vol. II.
Pradeep’s Objective Chemistry Vol. 1 & 2

NEET Exam 2019 – Best Books for Physics

NCERT Physics Textbook Part 1 for Class XI
NCERT Physics Textbook Part 2 for Class XI
NCERT Physics Textbook Part 1 for Class XII
NCERT Physics Textbook Part 2 for Class XII
Concepts of Physics 1 by H.C. Verma
Concepts of Physics 2 by H.C. Verma
Complete NEET Guide Physics by MTG Editorial Board

Quick Tips to Prepare for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) 2019

Now that you are aware with the syllabus and you have access to some good study material, you can start your NEET exam preparation. Follow these few quickies to take your practice on track:

  • Start clearing your concept from the NCERT books because major questions in the NEET exam 2019 will be asked from the 11th and 12th class syllabus.
  • Always start with the topic that seems interesting and easy for you.
  • Go for additional reference books and sample papers to understand the topics better.
  • Allot specific time to each subject.
  • Make quick notes. These are handy for the last-minute revision.
  • Go for the online mock tests to understand the exam pattern. Mock tests also help in increasing the speed and accuracy.
  • Don’t forget to maintain a good health. You can focus on your exam’s preparation only with a fit body and fit mind.

Stick with the above syllabus and start preparing for NEET 2019. And stay tuned to the official website of NTA for any updated information.

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